Welcome to a New Cycle 2015

lovingvoiceWorking from South Africa this last month as brought a host of blessings, learnings and yes some challenges too! With uncertain power supply, and access to the internet, it’s caused me to let go, and to go with the flow!I’ve had to surrender to circumstances greater than my finite organisation and plans, and just live in the moment! Not so easy for the first few weeks  – although I think I’m getting the hang of it!

To those of you waiting patiently for your sessions and clearing work, THANK YOU! You are not forgotten! I will be in touch ASAP.

A huge thanks for all the love and blessings sent over the holiday season,  it has been a joy to receive. In return I want you to know that I love YOU and wish you a year filled with joy, love, abundance, healing, growth, insight and authentic expression.
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