Some Romance Angel Fun… Which card are you drawn to? Read the messages and affirmations below :-)

A)  Keep an Open Mind — your Soul Mate may differ from your current expectations

Be willing to adjust your perception of what is ideal and possible. Make room for your partner (or partner to be’s) humanness as well as those qualities of Soul you are attracted to.

B)  Calling in your Soul Mate — Your prayers, affirmations and visualizations help bring you together.

You are magnetic right now! Follow your hunches and internal ‘nudges’ to reach out and connect this week. Your prayers have been heard and are being answered. Be willing to follow your inner guidance and say YES to opportunities that feel loving and uplifting. Let your light shine 🙂

C)  It is safe for you to Love — Open your heart to give and receive the highest energy of all.

The past does not determine who you are now. Every choice matters as does each moment, and in this moment you can choose love. It is safe for you to let go of the past and receive love at all levels.

D)  New Love — A new person has stirred your romantic feelings.

Isn’t it nice to feel vibrant and awake to the stirrings of romance? What are you falling in love with in your life? What directions will your creative impulses take you this month?

Here is an affirmation that aligns with today’s cards.

I am Divinely Guided and Protected in my relationships. I am open to my Soul’s guidance and signals as these lead me to my highest good and greatest joy. I am willing to surrender my preconceptions and open my heart and my mind to create and attract the very best in life and love. And So It Is.

Love and Blessings,


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