Get the most out of your Reiki Session

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Practical suggestions to enhance your experience

It’s not easy putting aside the demands of a busy lifestyle to make time for healing. Like other healing practices, including yoga and meditation, bringing yourself to a place of healing requires discipline and commitment.

Now that you’ve committed to your Reiki Session, how do you ensure you get the most out of that session? Here are some practical suggestions that will help enhance your experience.

Firstly, leave your worldly cares behind. This is your time. Be fully present. Have a light snack before your session and avoid drinking a lot of coffee or tea.

Wear crystal jewellery or carry a small crystal in your pocket; it will absorb energy and continue to vibrate for hours after your session.

On the table, let go of your worries and thoughts. Set your intent to receive healing. Relax, let your body be completely supported where you lie. Breathe in deeply, filling the lungs then exhaling all the air. Settle in and let the energy work on you.

After your session try to find some quiet time and space to let the healing continue to work on you. Eat a light, healthy meal or snack and remember to drink water to stay hydrated.

And don’t forget to book your next appointment. Regular Reiki Sessions add to your wellness program.

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