Where is my attention today?

I was catching up with a Reiki student earlier today and she mentioned that she kept her copy of the Reiki Precepts on her Fridge. That way as she is waiting for the jug to boil or preparing a meal she can reflect on ‘how she has done’ for the day. I love visual prompts and reminders so the Fridge is an ideal focal point for our important intentions.

I keep mine up in my office and before I work with clients I meditate on the precepts and give myself a Reiki self treatment. This quickly gets me out of my ‘personal’ awareness and into ‘non personal’ awareness ready to work.

There are many versions of the Precepts but the one I have framed and tend to work with is this:

Just for today I will let go anger.

Just for today I will let go worry.

Today I will do my work honestly.

Today I will respect my teachers.

Today I will count my many blessings.

Today I will be kind to every living thing.

After working with these precepts in varying intensities and focus over the last 15 years I can attest to their value as a recipe for happiness. While we are all a work in progress so to speak, the precepts remain a foundation for my life. This week I have been counting my many blessings and bringing my attention to those aspects of my work and running a business that I don’t enjoy so much (namely paperwork and admin!!). I’m being kind to myself where I can and letting go of what doesn’t serve me on a physical level (rubbish, clutter, old arrangements) and making room for new, more efficient use of space, time and aesthetics.

Where is your attention this week? Are you able to bring an intention into focus and just go for it?

I drew a card today and the message was: Let Go Let go of whatever you are clinging to that doesn’t serve you. When we add consciousness to our process, it all has a way of working out for the best, even if it doesn’t feel comfortable.

Love and Blessings,


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