Ever felt you had a Bombshell dropped on you during a reading?

At times in my work as a messenger I get to deliver news that the client just does NOT want to hear. I call these Bombshell Moments. This news challenges their view of the world and encourages them to GROW outside of current comfort zones and ways of thinking. I was working with a client earlier today who was feeling adrift on a raft of confusion around possibilities towards his next best step and employment when the reality was he was just not feeling the buzz or inner calling to go in any of the directions he was contemplating. He had even gotten out a pendulum and dowsed for his best choices. Sometimes when we are limited in our thinking though, none of the choices we are contemplating are ‘best choices’ for us, simply options.  These Bombshell Moments can feel so BIG and TRUE that they literally rock your world, in a good way (ultimately). Hearing the call to live more authentically takes guts and can feel risky, but our true joy always arises from this path, over the path of ego restriction. When you choose to live from your deepest truth, you set a chain of miraculous events in motion.

The days and weeks after these Wake UP calls from your Spirit can feel strange, like you are walking on quicksand as your vibration adjusts to truly sitting with the discomfort of change, transition and opening to new opportunities. (Of course you CAN choose NOT to take action, that’s the beauty of free will).  No doubt your reading gave you some deceptively simple action steps though. I’d advise you to Do them! What have you got to gain? Your spiritual equilibrium and resilience while you ride the wave towards the changes that are coming your way, and you will be clearing the path to receive your good.

So, we all get Bombshelled from time to time. Embrace it. Breathe! And know that I’m in your corner.

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