Pet Reiki


Give Your Treasured Family Member the Gift of a Lifetime

Our pets are treasured family members and suffer from life challenges – just like us. At this time of year your pets feel the stress just like us- with children home for the summer holidays, or being put in a kennel while you’re away on holiday and even feeling the money stress that owners feel. So if you have a beloved pet and wouldlike to give them a gift that no one else can buy them, consider pet Reiki.

istock_11326822_group-petsPet Reiki has similar benefits as Reiki for people, including helping to reduce stress, enhance pain relief and aid with transition if your pet is nearing the end.

Reiki  also helps our little friends to heal after an injury or illness, ease trauma and provide a restorative physical / mental / emotional and spiritual balance. This is why it is such a perfect gift to your furry family member.

To receive a personalised pet reiki session send me a photo of your pet and list any ailments or concerns


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