Property Clearing


Is your home not selling, tenants constantly leaving, children having nightmares or the house just doesn’t feel quite right? A Property Clearing may be what you need.
A property clearing removes negative energies making the property more neutral therefore inviting, welcoming and comfortable.

Our homes should be our sacred spaces, however many places hold the negative vibrations of the past, or contain open doorways to negative influences. Earthbound spirits, ghosts, and negative thought forms are just a few examples of dense energies that can be found and cleared during this reading. These energies can be felt (especially by sensitive individuals) and negatively impact the environments that we live and work in on a daily basis.

If you struggle to get organized, feel uncomfortable in your home, or have an older home, this reading can drastically shift the space you live into a peaceful sanctuary. Remember that the land that our homes sit on is very old, and it too has a past. So even if you live in a newer home, dense energies can still be present.

When booking, please have the following details available to facilitate the clearing process:

  • The homeowner’s name
  • Address
  • A drawing of the layout of the buildings on the property


Gain a home, not a house