An hour’s Clairvoyant Guidance

60 minute consultation with Jehanne (Loving Voice) via phone, skype or in-person by arrangement. If paying via this button please email Jehanne directly to arrange a mutually convenient time to connect. New Zealanders can also text on +64 (0)274747342.


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Discover How to Break Free from the Status Quo and Live a Life filled with Clarity, Purpose and Joy

When it comes to money, health or relationship decisions, we fall back on what is most comfortable instead of trusting our instincts, taking risks and making optimistic decisions.

This happens when you are:

  • Bogged down with daily priorities
  • Finding life gets in the way of your most ambitious goals and dreams
  • Frustrated as your dreams continue to get set aside, day after day, year after year

Readings can help you to change your life

When you’re at a crossroads and you’re faced with an important decision, readings are a beacon, a tool to guide you and help you weather life’s storms with more finesse and courage, with a clear mind that’s not clouded by fear, anxiety or what-if thinking.

When you know that the decisions you’re making are in line with your true self, it can make all the difference, no matter how confusing things might seem right now.

It’s that feeling that you’re never alone.

It’s the sense that you are being guided in your decisions.

It’s a trust in the process.

  • Understand Your Love Life & Your Partner’s Feelings
  • Enhance Personal & Family Relationships
  • Propel Your Career or Business to New Heights
  • Make life decisions with confidence
  • Improve Your Health and Well Being
  • Reach Your Higher Destiny & Life Purpose

“Jehanne has been a remarkable support for me over the months that I have been her client. I work in similar areas and have repeatedly found her to be a wise sounding board, catalyst for change, clear spiritual guide and mentor in my life. She truly is the ‘Loving Voice’. Jehanne, I am so grateful to have you and your wonderful laughter in my life! Thank you.” – Anna, Wellington

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a better relationship with your higher self?

Click here now to book a session 

The majority of sessions are via Skype or Phone. Limited in person sessions available.

Prices: $150 for 60 minutes (Most popular)   $125 for 45 minutes    $95 for 30 minutes

Discounted bulk packages are also available. Please enquire for more information.

Payment Options: Visa, Master Card, Pay Pal, Bank Transfer

Please read the Terms & Conditions before proceeding with your booking.


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