Reiki & Access Bars

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Release Limitations and Unlock the Keys to Receiving 

We hear so much about energy therapy these days, but most people don’t fully grasp its raw power and potential in your life when unleashed.

For example, when you understand that there are 32 points on your head which can be accessed to release any type of negative energy, you will start to see just how amazing this is.

benefits reikiAll it takes is a gentle touch on that area and the releasing begins. And once you release, it’s only natural that you open up receiving pathways in your life that may have been blocked for years, even decades.

Imagine what could happen in your life when you replace negative energy with positive!

It all starts with this nurturing and relaxing process that reverses limitations in any area of your life that you wish to focus on.

So if you spend way too many waking hours “doing” instead of receiving and you want to reach a place in your life where everything you desire comes to you easily, then The Access Bars® can make it happen.

You can also choose to envelop yourself in the energy healing power of Reiki, a truly wonderful, ancient “laying on hands” technique that has proven to be one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and feel an overall radiant glow.

I offer both Access Bars® and Reiki, when you set up a session with me we can explore the different options and choose the one that fits you best. The most important aspect of this is your healing, your positive energy and your lasting relief.



Ever wanted to Learn Reiki? Trainings is the Usui System of Reiki are available several times a year. Register your interest today!

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