The Vital Soul Intensive

Soul_Free_Zen_Living_Chicago_Now_MalinowskiUnleash Your “Six Sensories” as You Immerse Yourself in an Intimately Intense Workshop

An intimate group setting creates a focus and receptivity to guidance. When you take away all the distractions of our everyday world, opportunities for sacred bonding and inspiration begin to reveal themselves. We will share.

This retreat is for YOU if you want to:

  • Increase recognition and confidence in accessing your inner wisdom.
  • Discover and deepen your awareness of energy and the healing potential innate in you.
  • Release blocks and restrictions keeping you from expressing the best of who you are.
  • Gain clarity and insight on your path, purpose and what is true for you right now.
  • Honour your Spirit by immersing yourself in this sacred journey and find inspiration, direction and renewal to bring back to your daily life.
  • Burst out of your comfort zone to express more of who you really are, in a safe and loving environment.
  • Attune with your Spirit and tap into your innate creativity.
  • Form friendships with like-minded people who ‘get’ you and support the expression of your Soul.

You are invited to engage in the best of both worlds: a supportive and lively group experience along with time for deep personal reflection and integration.

It’s a natural, organic process of re-awakening our Soul Family and Sacred soul groups that come together in the divine expression of these events.

You will be part of a vibrant community of conscious individuals who share a common desire to deepen their connection to the Divine and the Expression of their Soul’s gifts in this life


This work is Sacred.         This work is Experiential.          This is Soul Work.


Jehanne will channel the Guides of all present as well as her Teaching Guides to facilitate a transformative, deeply personal and healing experience for you.

The results have been transformational for so many people. They walk in one feeling tired, stressed and wanting change for themselves.  They leave with new hope, a new vision and a new direction for their future.



Here’s what one of the participants from a previous retreat had to say:

The retreat moved me on to a point in my life where I am now more easily and powerfully able to express my divine gifts and follow my life’s purpose. It was a magical and life transforming experience, with energy and reverence far beyond what I ever anticipated. The gift of this experience was invaluable and my gratitude for Jehanne providing this opportunity, immense. Jehanne is a truly gifted spiritual teacher. She presents material and experiences with clarity, energy and the most beautiful divine guidance.”      

Darryn Breakwell

There is a limited number of spaces as I keep the retreat to a small, intimate size so don’t delay, I’d love to have you with us on this journey.

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