“Jehanne is a delight to talk to – caring, empathetic, joyful and real – with clear straight to the point guidance. With Jehanne’s foresight and guidance I was able to gather all my courage and resources before a life changing event occurred, and push forward to a much better way of life, already prepared. I have gone from strength to strength since. Her advice and support also gave me the courage to feel into the true worth of the first property I purchased, which resulted in me saving a substantial amount of money. I highly recommend a reading with Jehanne for anyone feeling stuck, anxious or wanting guidance for any matters. You will come away much brighter, lighter and clear.” 

Linda, Hastings

“I never hesitate to recommend Jehanne to anyone. Being sensitive I have to be discerning who I go to and will only recommend people I respect. Jehanne’s work is of the highest integrity which is a reflection of her as a person. She is empathetic, understanding and gifted. My sessions with Jehanne are usually at times when I am challenged and in need of insight and guidance as I get caught up in my own ‘stuff’ to get clarity. The information she brings through always resonates with me and I am able to find direction in moving forward.”

Gill, Auckland, NZ

“Just wanted to say thank you for all your help the last few years. Your insight has always moved me forward, exactly what I wanted :). Thank you so much for all your time and effort. Also I wanted to tell you that I often have the healing treatments you recommended and they are truly astounding, especially emotionally and mentally for me. I’m blown away sometimes by the difference they can make with my mood/feelings/energy. Thank you again. We still plan to have our house blessed and will be in touch.”

Christine, Tauranga, NZ

Loving Voice is the perfect name for Jehanne’s website. I have had 3 readings from Jehanne. Each reading had advice that was given in loving ways to help me through the dramas and traumas of life. Her psychic advice was spot on and her mediumship helped me and my family have peace of mind over our relatives that have passed on. I would highly recommend Jehanne as a medium and a psychic for advice on how to move through difficult times in this life’s journey.

Annesh Naidoo, Hamilton, NZ

“Jehanne’s level of professionalism with readings is no less than outstanding, she is accurate beyond belief! She is a very experienced reader and brings such wisdom and knowledge to her readings, I have had such guidance and help that has always got me back on track with my life’s path. I am so grateful to have Jehanne in my life as she shows such love and care in her work!”

Osha, Hastings, NZ

“I wanted to get in contact with you to tell you how amazing our meeting was on Friday a week and a half ago.

You have changed my life and I am so grateful and thankful. I can not describe how at peace I feel now and how warm and calm I feel deep inside. You have given me great insight into the path I feel I was placed on this earth to follow, something that involves healing. I feel very excited and am going to just follow where this journey takes me. I would love to stay in touch and when and if i do some back from my trip overseas i would love to come on some courses you run, i really feel that is the right thing for me to do.

I am going to continue on this journey to self discovery it feels just so right to do.

thank you for everything, you are truly an angel.”

R.B. Auckland, NZ

“In short: Jehanne is amazing!

For me she acts like a guardian of my soul. Seeing the truth and communicating it in a very loving way.

I feel so understood from her. I don’t need to explain. She knows. That is such a big gift. I feel accepted and it gives me the courage to follow my souls path.

It’s not always easy: My eyes  open in a session with her. I get faced with the things I didn’t want to see but are so  important for me. In that sense it shakes my life and puts me right back on the path of my soul. 

Thanks Jehanne for your commitment to truth, your radiating love and your friendship. I feel very honoured to have met you! 

Much love and blessings”

Raphaela, Switzerland

Jehanne is a lovely, gifted “real” person and I always find readings so healing and inspiring and hope giving with excellent insights and encouragement towards the right path for me. I studied Reiki One with Jehanne and the class was a joyful one, with laughter and learning followed by an exquisite attunement. Reiki shares, facilitated by Jehanne, are for those that are reiki attuned, and connect you with a lovely vibe tribe comprising of other students. They are deeply healing and reviving. I have attended many Wish Game evenings which are fun and soul nourishing. Jehanne’s Retreats are my all time favourite – simply life changing. You will come away shining. The retreats have helped me sow the seeds for, and then go on to achieve, my goals and healing on another level. When I reflect on the first time I attended a retreat with Jehanne 5 years ago, I see how far I have come. How did I achieve all that?!  For anyone feeling lost, overburdened, in need of healing or guidance – or curious and wanting to explore a spiritual path – Jehanne is a very talented psychic, mentor and teacher, and has so much to give and teach. I would highly recommend connecting with Jehanne – you will find a caring, articulate, very intuitive lady with your best interests at heart, and be given clear guidance that is just “spot on” for you.

Linda, Hastings

“I was drawn to Jehanne before I knew she was a clairvoyant, her beautiful compassionate energy vibrates clearly. Jehanne is a very clear and loving being and I enjoyed the experience of getting my answers to all I was questioning. So, thank you Jehanne and I highly recommend her to all.”
Robbie – Golden Bay, New Zealand 

“Own Your Truth, Step into Your Soul’s Gifts & Open Your Heart to the Frequency of the Divine” A session with Jehanne brings these transformations and as many possibilities as you can imagine! A truly gifted, heart centred messenger & teacher—- I highly recommend Jehanne to all who feel guided to work with her.”
With love, Sonia Choquette– NY Times Best Selling Author

‘ I absolutely loved every minute of the Reiki Level 1 course. Jehanne is an amazing teacher and coach. A really genuine person who is passionate about reiki and helping others. Jehanne creates a relaxed, open, safe and fun atmosphere to learn. I didn’t know much about reiki before the course but had an interest in it. This course opened my eyes and my abilities. Reiki has empowered me to help heal myself and others. I look forward to my self reiki sessions. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in healing, spirituality or helping others. Thank you so much Jehanne.”  
MV- Auckland, New Zealand

“Jehanne is a very intuitive psychic who has empathy, understanding and compassion. Over the past 3 years I have had regular sessions with her which proved priceless in my personal, spiritual and professional development. She is always spot on with what is happening around me and how I am feeling. She is such a lovely person and so easy to talk to. She gave me so much information about what is going on, how I could handle situations and what I can do to empower myself and my future. I am tremendously grateful for her guidance. I will recommend her to everyone.”
Tania-London, UK

“I was struggling to get pregnant and wondered if seeing a spiritual healer might help. A friend recommended Jehanne and I began a voyage of spiritual discovery. Jehanne taught me many techniques to develop my spiritual awareness, to keep my chakras clean, strengthen my aura and protect my energy. I will always value Jehanne’s guidance and teaching which gave me the strength to trust in myself and believe that I could be a wonderful mother. Matthew, my little angel, was born last year.”
Ali, London, UK

“I was fortunate to have a reading with Jehanne recently at the Healthy “Body & Soul” Expo when it was in Hastings. I found Jehanne to possess a beautiful soft compassionate energy which immediately made me feel welcome and relaxed. Jehanne was extremely accurate about what is happening for me at the moment and her insight into what she could see in the future is something I have often thought I would like to do and if it comes to fruition will be awesome. I would certainly encourage anyone to have a reading with Jehanne if considering having one, you will not be disappointed.”
Mrs Glen Beard, Taranaki, NZ

“From my first meeting with Jehanne, her warm and caring personality made me feel very welcome. Since then Jehanne has offered guidance and encouragement as I awaken to my spiritual journey. Her ability to say exactly what I need to know at the right time has helped me immensely.
Recently Jehanne invited me to a ‘manifesting party’, where we played ‘The Wish’ game. I can thoroughly recommend this game if you want to get totally clear and focused regarding your heartfelt desires. For me it helped to lift the veil and get to the core of what I truly want, with the guidance to help me get there.
I would like to thank the other participants, of whom I hadn’t met before, for their honesty and kindness and willingness to share of themselves. I came away feeling enlightened and excited regarding the next step of my journey.
Jehanne has opened my eyes to the possibilities that are. I highly recommend her to anyone who is searching or needs clarification on their journey.”
Sue- Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

“After an incredibly intense few months, to me, my overwhelming experience at my first Reiki session with Jehanne was the ease and comfort that was instantly experienced. Jehanne’s care, and total understanding, honestly changed my life. A caring touch and sensitive understanding was what I experienced throughout the entire session. What I experienced the entire time was exactly what I needed, what I had searched for, leaving me calm with the energy she so freely shared. I went away warm and feeling totally cared for and definitely looking forward to more!”

KB Napier

I have worked with Jehanne over the last three years and she has been a regular speaking partner for me as I navigate my world. Seeking to integrate spirit into my life and work at the same time as being soundly practical can sometimes be challenging, so Jehanne’s insights, understanding and compassion continue to encourage my own sensitivity while allowing me to be resilient as an educator, consultant and mother. Jehanne’s warm, engaging style is clear and firm while being both accepting and open. Each session is a time of nurturing and affirmation, helping me to be ready for whatever life is next asking of me.

Lauren, Havelock North

Location By appointment Phone +64 (0) 274747342 E-mail readings@lovingvoice.com Hours M-F 9.30am-4.00pm Sat 10am-1pm Tues & Thurs 7pm-9pm
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